April 4, 2012

Life Lately According to Instagram

(First row: Tied up oxford equals spring uniform, Lilly Easter dress, mantle all decked out for Easter
Second row: Pretty blossoms on an evening walk, painting class, colorful weekend
Third row: Tulips to ring in spring, delicious breakfast, sweet Millie got a haircut)


Thanks to Instagram my life somehow ends up more beautiful and artistic than it actually is ;)

Welcome new Android Instagram users, too. So happy you can be on the bandwagon now!

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Beth's Blog said...

that is so cool that you are taking a painting class. that is a cute little painting.

kate said...

I love this, especially your Easter decorations! Too cute!

MCW said...

Oxfords are my spring uniform as well!!! I think I have worn one everyday this week. At least I see different people everyday!

Nicole Rene said...

nice Easter mantel !!! :) So cute! And I love that lacy fabric. Cute pup too haha... I am seriously obsessed with Instagram lately & I just only discovered it a few days ago.. (living under a rock? ya sometimes..) Anyway, have a great week! :)

Blue Dog Belle said...

I love your easter mantel! Too cute!

Lauren said...

I love this post! In regards to the very personal post you wrote a few days ago... I have been following you for a year or 2 now and I really enjoy the posts with you in them! (and millie too!) your blog doesn't need to be totally personal but i love seeing what you are wearing and such! Keep your head up girl. This too shall pass.

Mimi said...

i love instagram photos! those tulips are beautiful and they're the perfect way to ring in spring! :)

<3, Mimi
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Pink Champagne said...

Your life is LOVELY, my dear!
What?! Android Instagram?! Off to download the app immediately. XX

erica said...

Loving your decor on your mantle xo