February 2, 2011

Spring Forecast: Jill Stuart Spring & Summer 2011

(Images via FGR)


After a beautifully pleasant weekend of 60 degree temperatures and high heels without tights and no boots in sight, old man winter reared his ugly head and I'm freezing again. While my neck of the woods didn't get slammed with the recent snow storm, it's still rainy, windy and just plain yuck.

I've got spring fever and it's bad! After browsing the new Lilly collection, dreaming about a beach vacation, and drooling over this Jill Stuart ad campaign, I'm thinking of bright blossoms and birds chirping! I'm loving the 70s vibe that seems to be a trend for spring- remember the Marc Jacobs collection?!

Here's hoping that sunny days are just around the corner, loves!

Bruno Mars- "Grenade (Live Acoustic)"


Anonymous said...

This campaign is beyond beautiful! Love it! 60 degrees sounds like Heaven. I am getting buried alive up here in snow. Seriously, another snow day... the poor kids will be in school until July trying to make up days. xo

Unknown said...

60degrees...ah- we're in the middle of a blizzard:( This campaign is fantastic- love the retro vibe and bright colours.

No Model Lady said...

Love the textured tights I'm seeing!!

Ashley said...

Oh I would love some rain just about now! We are getting hit hard with snow and I too just want a sunny warm day without boots!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

This is just what I needed.. the schools are all closed up here we are getting so much snow... time to beak out the skiis and make the most of it :)

Lindsey Regan Thorne said...

Oh gosh did you have to really post this! :) Now I'm so incredibly ancy for spring, love this... love that it's not all pastels! I've never seen primary colors look so good in spring wardrobe!



Oh I SO have spring fever! And I'm in love with this campaign. It's positively gorgeous!

I'm glad that you got to enjoy some warmth this weekend. Stay warm, honey! xoxo

Kori said...

Wow amazing photos!!!! Kori xoxo

Lili said...

everything is just pretty! im so ready for spring!

this free bird said...

I absolutely love this! I'm so ready for spring, Julie. Even though it's sunny it's incredibly windy and cold (by California standards). I worked from home and didn't even get out of my pj's today. Argh.


Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Hey there my gorgeous girl - get ready to be bombarded with comment love because I have (and am oh so ashamed) been awful at getting over here to tell you how much I've been loving your posts over the last few weeks! I have them all starred in my reader and have just been dying to find the time to adequately tell you how much I love you and your precious blogging taste my dearest!

These ads are so terrific and so Julie, I just love that you posted them today, we were so on the same sun-shiny wavelength (surprise surprise LOL!)

If I had to pick one image that reminded me the most of you it would hands down be #2 - the cute bow headband, ruffly, stripey sweater, and those red heels? That is Miss Julie Leah to a tee! :)

Love you sweetie can't wait to chat later and for our surprise tomorrow! :) xoxoxoxx

Manni said...

I LOVE the red shoes!!! Absolutely gorgeous blog. I'm a new follower and love your blog : D

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Gorgeous post today!
I myself had to wear Lilly Squeeze perfume IN the house on yet day #2 of snowed/iced in...no school tomorrow...already called off! Tomorrow I may wear Breeze and a bikini in my darned house! hahaha!

Mrs Kindergarten

Annemarie said...

Adore all the pops of red! xoxo

thebirthdaygirl said...

2 things.

1. I have been enjoying your blog, so glad I found it!

and 2. I'm loving these Jill Stuart ads...I think they trump Mr. Marc Jacobs' 70's inspired collection.

Oh no...are the fashion gods going to come after me for saying this??

Great collection of photos and thanks for sharing..very inspiring!

intherosegarden said...

Love this photoshoot! great outfits!