November 17, 2010

Decor Love: Pretty Vignettes

I love charming little vignettes in homes. There is nothing more lovely than jewelry or books used as decor, no? I have been collecting these images for a while and kept waiting for the perfect time to share them, why not today? There's a 'vanity' theme that seems to weave itself through all these spaces. Hope you're inspired to create your own pretty nook in your home!


(Image via Pinterest)

(Image via Rose and Hudson)

(Image via Pinterest)

(Image via Decorative Deluxe)

(Image via Front Porch Studio)

(Image via Pinterest)


Of course I have to share some fashion that fits perfectly with these lovely, colorful vignettes. It's not a post here at BeB without some fashion!

(Images via dustjacket attic)


Happy Wednesday, loves!!


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Artist: Bibel Gilberto
Song: Samba de Bencao


nomo wino daph said...

Pretty Pretty....everytime I see these images, I want to go redecorate! LOL
Hope your week goes well. Will try to catch you ON FB this week & catch up.

Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

I love the first photo and that coffee table!! Hope your week is going well, Julie! xo

Unknown said...

Fabulous images, so glad I found your blog! Loving the bits of black mixed in with the color.

xo Mary Jo

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!
I love the pink bedroom with the brick walls. Absolutely Beautiful!!

*Brea said...

Lovely as ever!

Suburban Princess said...

I love little vignettes but I keep finding coffee cups and toys in the middle of them!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Love the vignettes! I, too, have so much fun creating vignettes. It's really fun to create vignettes when you're entertaining too. That first vignette reminds me of my pale blue kitchen walls and all white counters and cabinets that I spoke of (and black and white checked painted hardwood floor) because whenever I'd bring a vase of pink flowers in and set them on the island, it would look soooo pretty with the blue!! Kisses! xoxoxo Happy Wednesday

Day Old News said...

I hang my necklaces on the wall, but not quite so sweetly as photo #3. I'm using that for inspiration.

The Tuscan Home said...

All so beautiful, Julie! You have exquisite taste, girl!


P.S. Thanks for commenting on my blog post! Smile =)

Pink Champagne said...

Oh how beautiful! I would take any one of those vanities for my wardrobing room... le sigh. And so creative to put a picture frame around your necklaces on display!
Happy Wednesday, my sweets!

*D* said...

I love these vignettes! they're all so pretty! inspiration for future decorating... :)

Margarita Bloom said...

Pretty boudoir pics Julie! Always something fabulous going on in your blog!! :)

I just added you to my fashion & fabulous finds link love list!! Yay! :)

S said...

I adore that white sofa with the coral and teal pillows!

Michelle said...

I cringe to think it is so soon! I swear it sneaks up on me every year. But, those limited edition Gossip Girl nail polishes look very promising. :)

Rachael Sedory said...

Just stumbled across your sweet blog ! Love these pics!