September 2, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday: A Little of This and That

(via Trishy)

Wow, how is it Thursday already? Not that I'm complaining, but this week has just moved so fast! I'm pretty happy about it, actually! Tomorrow starts a long weekend and I'm so looking forward to that!

(Photo here)

Happy Pink and Green Thursday, y'all!

If you're new to this blog party, it's real simple- find some pink and green favorites, share them with us, and link up over at Trishy's!


Before we get started with the fun I must tell you all an exciting little story. As you know, I'm fairly new to twitter, but I have become hooked very quickly!

Well, Ooh La Frou Frou, The Simply Luxurious Life and I decided to have our own little twitter girls' night on Tuesday while watching the new Rachel Zoe Project. Do you all know Rachel's assistant, Brad?

(Photos here)

He tweets during the new RZ episode every Tuesday. I decided to tweet him about a scene of he and Rachel shopping in Milan and guess what?? He responded! To me! I was so excited, it just made our twitter girls' night complete!

The twitter love that happened:

Me: @mrbradgoreski I love when you and Rachel shop together!!
Brad: @JulieLeah nothing beats a shopping trip with @rzrachelzoe. I love her so much!

 So exciting! My friend Lauren said that it was one degree of separation!

Anyway, just thought I would share :) Pretty fabulous, right? Perfect way to start this pink and green celebration!


This week I'm loving these Pink and Green beauties.....

1. Pretty in pink wedding shoes

(Photos here)


2. Lovely Miss Dior Cherie photos

(Photos here)


3. Yummy pink mojitos!

Raspberry Mojito

2 oz rum
.5 oz Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur
6-8 fresh mint leaves
2 lime wedges
1/2 tsp sugar
club soda

Add sugar, mint leaves, lime wedges and a splash of club soda to a tall glass.
Muddle until sugar is dissolved. Add ice to glass.
Add rum and Chambord. Stir to mix.
Top with a splash of soda.

(Recipe here)


4. Let's kick up our heels in these lovely spaces

(Photos here)


5. Have you Mad Men-ed yourself?

Click here! It's so fun!


6. I know you've seen them, but I swoon over this ultimate Pink and Green wedding ensemble every time.

(Photos here)


7. Beautiful pink and green inspired fall photos

(Photos here and here)


Happy Pink and Green Thursday, everyone!

Sending you wonderful thoughts and love today!


Music Info:
Artist: John Mayer
Song: Gravity


Anonymous said...

I love that pink and green wedding! So pretty. Maybe we'll be seeing you shopping with Brad on t.v.! xo

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

oh my how cute is that little dog/ and the wedding dress is stunning! you've seen the whole wedding right? so cute!!

S said...

I heart your Pink and Green Thursdays! :) Hope you are well my friend!

nomo wino daph said...

Hello sweetie!! I hope your day is awesome! Love your pics!! I will have to get in on the twitter party...I don't watch that show BUT NOW I have time, I will:)


Cheryl said...

Miss Dior Cherie is my favorite perfume! Have a great Thursday!

I'maNolaGirl said...

How did you know I swoon over mirrored furniture? That first room you have pictured is GORGEOUS!!!!

I hope you have a lovely day!

Charlotte said...

love love love! these always get me through the week! and that's my parfume!!!!! i love it!!!

ABC said...

Gosh, I'm totally loving the yarn picture! I've got big dreams about crocheted Christmas gifts, and that picture just makes my heart smile!

DSS said...

1. that pup w/the glasses stole my heart. literally :)
2. i am so following brad on twitter ASAP. you are such a rock star. so exciting!
3. mrs.mfc wore deep purple heels with her wedding dress, and i absolutely adored it. since i'm more of pink girl, i think pair #3would be a must for me :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

love that pup pic.

therese are gorgeous!

melifaif said...

Eee, I am sqeualing because I wear Miss Dior Cherie. Do you wear it? It is a lovely lil scent. Great post, as usual.

MCW said...

That green/lace wedding dress is to die for. I also am loving the bathroom wallpaper!

Day Old News said...

Brad is my FAV now that Taylor is gone. He is the only one bringing the LOLs to that show and makes it so much more fun.

Punctuation Mark said...

i love colored shoes but don't have any pink ones... i guess i need to get shopping for some of those!

-Lauren said...

need to go make the mojito now!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

oh i love brad! so cool he wrote you!

Anonymous said...

That mojito looks delicious! And I just LOVE that wedding dress.

Lovely photos as always and hope you are having a fantastic week.

I also have my pink and green photos up...if you have time, you should stop by


Meghan said...

Oh lady, I am DYING to tweet with a celeb! I adore Brad - so exciting!

And I totally wore pink wedding shoes:) It just might have been one of my favorite little details!


OMG that is too fabulous for words!!! Seriously I LOVE Brad! Very cool, sweetie!

Hope you had a fabulous day! xoxo

Anna Walker said...

I love that guys glasses! I adore glasses like those...AND I love your whole post! Pink and Green are classic!

J. said...

I think I'm going to be needed one of those raspberry mojitos very veryyyy soon :)

Unknown said...

So gorgeous, Julie! That is too funny about the RZ tweets, it is totally one degree of separation! So cool! XX!

love jenny xoxo said...

cute post! I love it! I did the pink shoes on my wedding day, but mine were light pink, you can see them here:


Pink Champagne said...

Miss Cherie is not my favorite scent, but those amazingly gorgeous ads make me feel like I need to wear that perfume!!! And that pink and green wedding? Le sigh.