July 29, 2010

Blog Crushes (Oldies, but Goodies!)

Hello, lovers! Blog crush time is here again! 

This time I decided to feature some of the first blogs that I found when I started blogging! Hence the 'oldies but goodies' title :)

I hope you enjoy visiting these sweet ladies, they have been wonderful to me from the beginning, and I'm certain they will welcome your visit! Just click their headers to go to the blogs.


Annemarie at

Darling Annemarie has a beautiful style blog- home, fashion, and a few other goodies thrown in there. She was one of my first followers and just showed so much kindness to me from the very beginning. Love you, lady!


Kristen at

What attracted me to Kristen's blog was her hilarious sense of humor. Her posts were so witty and literally made me laugh out loud! I just couldn't resist her magnetic personality. Please go congratulate her on the recent birth of her baby boy, Smith! You make me smile, mama :)


Jen at 

Little Miss Jen was an instant favorite. She's a Nola girl, of course I was going to love her! She does wonderful weekly features all wrapped up in southern charm. You will adore her just like I do!

Summer at
Oh my precious Summer. I talk about her all the time, she is so special. She has the kindest heart and her blog is so real. Y'all know how I feel about realness, right? Her blog is irresistible and full of charm and personality! You're the bestest Sum Sum!


Meredith at
 Meredith is a trip! When I found her I knew we had to be friends. She does weekly 'news you can use' that is vital to your weekly schedule! She's hilarious and such a doll. Please go say hello!


Rasha at
Rasha and I were meant to be! We joke that we aren't really sure who found the other. I think I found her, though :) She is so adorable and head over heels in love. Her posts are full of emotion and heart. I'm sure she would love to have you!


Lacey at
My sweet Lace Face is a dear. She has shown me so much kindness since I first found her. She is also in love and we get to see her smile through her posts. She's also so talented and has her own Etsy shop! All-around awesome chica!


Brooke at
 Not only is Brooke beautiful and an awesome mama, she is hilarious and stylish and has amazing hair. Yea, she's quite the combination of all-things fabulous. I'm certain you will feel the same way I do!


Kristen at

KS has a heart of gold, she's beautiful inside out! She blogs about things she loves, pretties, funny stories and her goings on. Her blog is all-around entertainment. Have I told you I adore you, lady?


Hope you're having a great evening, everyone! I'll be back tomorrow with 'Friday, I'm in Love!'



{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Awww you're the sweetest, thanks for posting about me and I agree, I love all your favorites, there is like 1-2 I havent seen, I must check them out.

WE (everyone you mentioned) LOVE you sooooo much, right back and have kind kind words to say about you too!


Unknown said...

Oh my! New here...and now I have so many other new blogs to check out as well! Off to explore more of your lovely site first though!

I'maNolaGirl said...

Oh my sweet Julie! You are just so wonderful to include me on here today. I feel like I've just won an Oscar!!! Your blog is always one of the brightest spots in my day!! Lots and lots of love! Jen

MCW said...

You posted a few of my faves as well! If only you lived closer to Sum and me...I am trying to make her go to the gym with me! She just texted and said we could take a class and then have vodka tonics on her roof! haha

Mimi said...

thanks for sharing these blogs with us! i will definitely visit them. :D

<3, Mimi

Unknown said...

Oh, I love you so little lady! I can't wait until the day we meet face to face!(Because we so will... I'm determined to get some Julie time!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

As always, you're too sweet to give shout-outs to your blogger friends. I read most of these too. I'm off to read the others. :)

Marcie said...

I love these bloggers, and some I am going to check out right now!

Have a great day! The weekend is almost here!

xo Marcie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

i'll have to check these out sometime!

mFw said...

Such a cute idea! Maybe I will have to try this!!!

Kristen said...

You.... too fabulous. I heart you. With all of my heart of course :)

This made my day. And will make my tomorrow too... lots of smiles way up North thanks to you!!!

This is an awesome idea for a post BTW... I might steal it sometime. If you're okay with that, of course.

Happy almost Friday!!!!

Anonymous said...

I heart Meredith.

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

I am going to stop by and visit a few of these now - while a have a few minutes!


Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

aw, you always come across as so sweet and this just reinforces it. I only know Rasha from this group (love her) but that's awesome to see all these other gals!

DSS said...

I so LOVE when you do this!! I always find the best new bloggies to follow :)

Happy weekend!

Summer Athena said...

love love love! blog crushes are the best and look at you going back in time.

i thank the heavens each day that we found one another!

i adore you sooooooooooo much! i mean, you know everything about me and STILL love me.