June 2, 2010

Just Some Housekeeping Here at BeB!


Hello, everyone! Just a few little housekeeping things around here!


First, I've updated my blogroll over on the sidebar. Please go check it out! I've organized and added some really fabulous ladies!

There's southern belles like myself, some of my favorites, fashion inspiration, interior design inspiration, and weddings and etiquette! What more could you want??


Second, check out the giveaways that I have posted right now:

This one from Miss Janice and this one from Jami at Imagine and this one from Sweet Southern Prep! All three are fabulous, of course. The winnings from the first two could be quite helpful for a summer get-together!


This is just a little heads up. I'm going on vacation next week, leaving next Thursday actually! It is much needed and I can't wait!

But never fear, the bloggy will not be abandoned, as I have lined up some of the most fabulous ladies to take over for me while I'm away. And my friend Lauren (the one who got me into blogging) is also going to make her internet debut! Yay! Get excited, they are going to hold it down in style!


And the most important piece of info is this:

I finally have an email address just for the blog!

Jump up and down with me!! After some nudging from some ladies, I decided it was probably a good idea. Okay okay, it's a great idea, actually! Now, when I comment if you want to respond via email you can, you can! Excited??!

Have comments? Questions? Sweet messages? Send 'em on over! I love emails! Even if it's just to say hello :) If you don't like to comment publicly, send me an email! I hope this opens communication with my readers a little more.

Look at all the trouble I've gone through for you guys! Just kidding ;)


Alrighty, that's all I've got! Hope you've had a lovely evening! See you tomorrow!



Mrs Anne said...

Great new look :)

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Way to be productive! Love that I'm on your blog roll. Thanks! Don't forget to enter my giveaway when you get a chance. :)

Teresa said...

I do love your new look HIP & Cool Girl!
I bet you are going to the BEACH!
And I'm sure you have those toe nails painted!
And can I just say...
It is so TRUE!!!! xoxoxoxo

V said...

Love your blog roll, thanks for turning me on to some great blogs Julie!

Marcie said...

I love that picture!!

:) Marcie

Unknown said...

Oooo...do have FUN on your vacation!
We'll miss you. {{Hugs}}

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

Have fun on your vacation!!!! :)

C said...

I love your catagorized blog roll. I'll be reading for hours! Thanks!

Mama B said...

Yay!! SO excited you have an email address now, Julie! :)

Where are you going on vacation?? Somewhere warm and fun?!

Buckhead Belle said...

Have fun on vacay... I'm so jealous. Counting down until July when its beach time!

Looking forward to your fabulous guest bloggers!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Totally awesome!

mrs.mfc said...

Ohhh enjoy your vacation!! Can't wait to hear all about it! Now I'm off to check out your updated blogroll!

melifaif said...

Oh crap, you forgot me on your blog roll! Bahahaha....I always enjoy!

Brittany said...

Well it's about time!!! Finally :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Belle, what a *fabulous* look! So, so elegant and also so pretty at the same time. I just adore it, all of it, but maybe the best part is the darling icons for Twitter, email, etc., they are just darling! I am ever-so-flattered to be on your blogroll, thank you. (Blushing, fingers twisting together, shy girl with red face smiles.)

I couldn't be happier you are getting away, have a fabulous time, revel in every minute of your trip.

Sending you a smile,