May 16, 2010

Outfit of the Day (A Little Hippie)


 (Photos via google and we heart it)

Happy Sunday, all! I rarely do OOTD posts, but I wanted to share this little frock with you all that I wore to church today. I felt like I was channeling my inner hippie with the wide neck and bell sleeves on the dress and my jewelry choices, maybe a little Stevie Nicks?

I scored this dress for $7 at TJ Maxx last weekend! It was on major major sale! Boo ya!

A closeup on the top of the dress. If I wear it somewhere other than church I'll probably wear it a little more off the shoulder :)

Steve Madden sandals and my hot pink pedicure I got yesterday! I'm not sure you can tell from the picture but my toes are neon pink! I love it!

My bracelet and ring. I also got a manicure yesterday too!

My gypsy-ish earrings. I have had these forever I can't remember where I got them.


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and managed to rest up for another week! The middle school dance and lock-in was a big success! Cocktail dresses, pizza at midnight, Rock Band, Avatar, too much sugar, sleeping on the gym floor....yep, it was a hit! However, the kids' choice of music only confirms that I am getting older. Who are these artists that kids are listening to these days?? Only three weeks of school left until summer break!



The Happy Homemaker said...

I LOVE Stevie Nicks!She's my guilty pleasure:)Great outfit,girl!

capperson said...

I love the outfit! Love the shoes and the neon pink :)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

GREAT dress...GREAT price! Your manicure looks wonderful! Adoring those pretty earrings, too!

When can we go shopping together?! Ha!

Football & Fried Rice said...

I love you channeling your inner hippie. I woke up for Farmer's market on Saturday morning and TRIED to come up with something hippie from my closet. I couldn't - so I just didn't shower ;)

Erin said...

Cute dress! Y'all still have THREE WEEKS left of school? We only have eight days. Bless your heart!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Yes, Erin, unfortunately we do! We missed a lot for snow :(

Claire Kiefer said...

That dress is super cute, and $7 is a steal! Sometimes TJ Maxx really does have the greatest deals. I love looking for shoes and bags there too. Also, great color toes! Bright pink is such a great color for the beginning of summer. Hope it's been a great Sunday. :)

Brittany said...

I LOVE the sandals! Actually I love your entire outfit :-) $7 for a dress? How could you say no?!

Glad you had fun at the lock in :-)

♥Aubrey said...

Everyones got a little hippie in them :)- Lets bring back the 60's.

I LOVE...LOVE your sandals.
Too cute with your neon pink toes!

Rhianna said...

So cute! I also love to channel my inner Stevie!

Nikosmommy said...

Dance and "lock-in" (NEVER heard of that before??!!) sounds like so much fun!! Hello!, where was that idea when I was in Junior High???

Rasha said...

LOVE the earrings!

garden state prep said...

I love the hippie outfit - very cute! Glad to hear the dance went well!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i love the hippie style? didnt you know? lol.

you do it well! work out!

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