November 2, 2009

Love it!

Good evening, fellow bloggers! Today was definitely Monday, but I wore my leopard-print ballet flats and that made it much more fabulous! As, I was thinking about my 'item of the week,' I just wasn't having any inspiration. So, I decided to get on foodnetwork's website and browse for cocktails ;) And there it was. The most perfect, delicious, indulgence you could ever imagine! Send your "thank yous" to Ms. Rachael Ray!

Frozen Peach Champagne Cocktail 

 1/4 cup sugar, to rim glasses
1 pint peach sorbet
2 shots Triple Sec, Grand Marnier or Cointreau
Chilled champagne or sparkling wine, to fill blender, 1/3 bottle
Raspberries and 4 springs mint, optional garnish 

Place a shallow bowl of water along side a shallow bowl with 1/4 cup sugar in it.
Dip 4 cocktail glasses in water, then sugar to rim glass.
Place 4 scoops peach sorbet in blender. 
Add 2 shots orange liqueur.
Fill blender with Champagne to maximum fill line or up to 1-inch from top of blending pitcher. 
Blend until smooth and pour into cocktail glasses, keeping an eye out not to wreck the pretty sugar rims. 
Garnish with a few raspberries and a sprig of mint and serve. 
(Recipe and photo courtesy Foodnetwork website)

Is that not the most amazing cocktail recipe?! In the words of Racheal Ray, "Yummo!"




Jami - XOimagine said...

ooooo! I like this recipe! Great post! You'll have to check out my blog - I do a "Wednesday Weekend Warm Up" featuring a new cocktail recipe every week ;) Cute blog - following you now!

Annemarie said...

Yum! Sounds delicious! I may have to try this for Holiday company coming up! XOXO