October 28, 2009

Happy Fall, y'all!

As October is coming to an end I thought I would share some fall-y photos with you all! Fall is my favorite season. I just love the warm and cozy feeling of all the warm and cozy colors, and it's usually about the time that I start burning candles- ALL THE TIME! I just love everything about it! So in honor of my favorite season, here are some of my favorite fall photos.....

This is the front of my townhouse all decked out for fall!

The pumpkin I carved for Halloween 2009! I was so proud of this!

 We had a Harvest Bazaar & Auction at the school where I work. The art teacher hand-made these adorable scarecrows! Pretty cute, uh?

 This was on a trip that my mom and I took last year to Gatlinburg, TN. Fall was in the air!

For my followers who know me well, you won't be surprised by my next set of pictures. As I have said, I love fall. And I love weddings. So, what's better than a fall wedding? Not many things, in my opinion!

(Sigh) This is absolute perfection! This was a wedding at a country club in North Carolina. Aren't those mountains stunning?

 One of my closest friends directed this wedding. So cute and fun! The bride wore cowboy boots too!

This is the reception for the wedding I featured in the previous picture. The guests ate inside a beautifully decorated barn and indulged in some local barbecue! Yum!

Ok, is this not the cutest thing y'all have ever seen? A haystack couch? So creative! This was at the wedding of some of my family's dearest friends.

You should have known I wasn't ending this post without a wedding cake picture! This was at the wedding I mentioned in the above post. The bride and groom's basket-weave cake (topped off with a Willowtree figurine) fit the setting perfectly! 

So there you have it, some of my favorite fall photos! Hope you guys enjoyed them!



CRICKET said...

I love seeing pictures of weddings, it is such a happy time. The cowboy boots are such a fun twist.

Hopsy said...

Your townhouse looks so fun and festive!

Heather said...

You did a great job with your pumpkin!

Posh Peach said...

I love all the decorations! The wedding looks so fun as well.