October 29, 2009

Get with Reality

 (The Real Housewives of Atlanta)

I love reality TV! There's just something about the non-reality part that sucks me in like a vacuum. Its like I start living vicariously through the people, feel like I'm part of their lives (well, once a week anyway), and then it's all a mess from there and I just can't turn it off! Crazy, right? In high school my friends and I had a sushi party for the season finale of Project Runway, season one. We were over-the-top fans! Two of my best friends and I would get together every week and watch The Real Housewives (New York & Atlanta) and drink wine. That ritual got us through our senior year of college! Then I got hooked on the Rachel Zoe Project! Her style is so outrageous, I just love it! If you haven't checked out her picks on Piperlime, do it as soon as you finish reading this! Then there's the Style Network's Dallas, Divas & Daughters. I haven't watched this, but judging from my record it seems like something I would enjoy (no surprise there). 

So what is it about reality TV that America is so obsessed with? I know for me its the lavish lifestyles, the fabulous clothes, the table-turning, cursing, hair pulling etc. What makes you love (or hate) reality shows? Please be nice in your responses, and don't crush my dreams of someday being a 'real housewife!'

Have a lovely night, everyone! Look forward to your comments! 


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