December 31, 2022

Hello, 2023!

As I'm thinking back about 2022, the thing that keeps coming to the forefront of my mind is all the time I spent with my family this year - chosen family included. The best, happiest moments were with those people. There were no significant goals that I set for 2022, nothing that changed dramatically in my life. 2022 felt like a year of survival and recovery and rest and gratitude. And as an enneagram 3 it can be hard to not constantly achieve. I gave myself grace this year. If I needed a nap, I took it and didn't feel guilty. If I wanted a snack, I ate it and didn't feel guilty. If I had an opinion, I said it and didn't feel guilty. I'm leaving the year feeling peaceful. Let's be honest, there's processing from 3 years ago that we're still doing - and I've decided that's ok. Give yourself space to sit with whatever you're still working through. As far as my mental health, 2022 was a year of solid growth. I didn't date at all this year and, for the love of god, it felt great. I made an effort to put myself first this past year and protect my peace.

There's an account I follow on instagram who posted one of those word searches with the prompt "the first 4 words you see will be your mantra for 2023." I did it just for fun. My words were:


I'll take it.


xo, Julie


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