August 11, 2022

Teacher Style: 3 Everyday Dresses

I started back to school this week and was inspired to share 3 looks that I think are perfect for your teacher wardrobe!

Happy August, everyone! And happy back-to-school! The first day of a new school year is my version of New Year's Day. That's when I feel like the fresh start happens - that's when I set goals, focus on to-do lists and get out my new planner. I was very excited about the start of school this year. It felt like the most "normal" back-to-school experience we've had for a few years, and it gave me a renewed boost of energy. 

While I was on break over the summer, I dove into my closet and did a complete (ruthless) clean out. My intention was to create a wardrobe of pieces I love and organize them so I know exactly what I have. I also knew that I desperately needed to add some new pieces to my everyday teacher (counselor) wardrobe. Slowly but surely, I'm building the collection.

Several of the things I shared in the looks today I already have - and love! The first look is actually the exact outfit I wore for the first day of school :) I can't encourage you enough to get in your closet and sort through what you have. There is no feeling like having a closet full of pieces you know you're going to wear!


LOOK 1: Dress // Mules // Tote
LOOK 2: Dress // Sneakers // Tote
LOOK 3: Dress // Mules // Tote

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