June 29, 2022

Dolly Fest 2022

I'm sharing some pictures today from a really fun event I went to this month celebrating everyone's queen, Dolly Parton!

I'm sure you're wondering "what is Dolly Fest?!" Well, it's exactly what you would guess - a festival celebrating the one and only Dolly Parton! It's a three-day event hosted in Knoxville's Old City, and it brings hundreds of people together under the umbrella of love for Dolly. The Old City is a really fun, historical part of Knoxville that was the perfect backdrop for the festival. There's music, a dress-up contest, art contest, and lots of vendors selling Dolly wares. There were fun photo-ops and every business in Old City had a festival poster in their window. I was so excited to snag one - it looks perfect in my office! This was a can't-miss for anyone who loves Dolly and loves a fun summer day trip!



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