November 13, 2021

My Favorite Gold-Filled Jewelry

Gold-filled jewelry is the next best thing to real gold, and I'm sharing the pieces that I wear on constant rotation in today's post!

A couple years ago I was educated on the difference between gold-filled versus gold-plated jewelry. Gold-plating is the process of applying a thin layer of gold over a base metal. Gold-filled jewelry is created by wrapping layers of real gold sheets around a base metal. Thus, creating a final product that is higher quality. Therefore, gold-filled is always the way to go. A few of the pieces I'm sharing today are gold-plated, however, the quality is still there. Gold-plated isn't always a bad thing if the brand is committed to quality and has an outstanding reputation (like Miranda Frye).

In the moment it may seem worth it to opt for the cheaper pieces - I've fallen victim to this so many times. "But I can get MORE for the money!" That may be true, but the pieces will quickly tarnish, look cheap, and you'll be shopping for jewelry again. Pay a little more and you'll have forever pieces! 

The jewelry I'm sharing today are my everyday gold pieces - ask anyone who sees me every day and these items are what I'm wearing! Layered with my Sparklemuse, of course! 

Herringbone chain, MIRANDA FRYE . Tennis necklace, BAUBLEBAR . Tennis bracelet, AMAZON 
Paperclip link bracelet, AMAZON . Initial bracelet, AMAZON . Oval link bracelet, AMAZON
Smiley bracelet, YOUR DARLING STYLE . Thin gold bands, AMAZON
Braided gold ring, AMAZON . Dome gold ring, AMAZON 
Gold bead/colored bead bracelets, HIDDEN LAKEWAY
Mother of pearl/gold bead necklace, AUDREY LIMOGES

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