October 18, 2021

Life Lately • October 2021


It is finally starting to feel like fall here. The last couple of days have been perfectly chilly but bright and sunny. I didn't fully understand why fall is my favorite season until I started therapy and unpacking all the details of who I am. I love fall for the same reason that I love rainy days. There's a comfort to it. It's cozy. It feels like a blanket. It gives you permission to stay home and take a nap. There's something nostalgic about it - I think because it opens the door to the holidays which burst with memories for me. And it smells like sweets and cinnamon and home. Fall and rainy days are good for introverts - at least this introvert. I made this all make sense in a therapy session months ago, and I love that I have a solid understanding of this little piece of me.  

Happy fall, friends! I hope you love it as much as I do!

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