June 22, 2021

A Dollyhood Update!

(Spot the Yorkie!)

I cannot believe that I've already been in my house for seven months! That doesn't seem possible. Dollyhood has been a bright spot over the last few months. It feels incredible to have a place of my own that I'm "doing" on my own. It's been exciting to add my personality and really make the house mine. I've learned that unexpected things happen as a homeowner - more than I ever thought about! There's no need to get in a rush (most of the time) because your timeline for home projects will turn out differently than you planned. My upcoming plans include two copper awnings for the front of the house, house numbers, painting my garage, new landscaping, redoing my fireplace, and making a plan for my (small) backyard.

In my mind all of these projects could be done in the next few months, but realistically I know the list will be ongoing. I've always heard people say that there's always a project to do as a homeowner. I didn't realize how true that was until I was responsible for all the projects getting done :) I may also throw painting my front and side doors on the list since those would be quick and simple. I'm thinking a blush-y pink/peach. It's just my aesthetic, ya know? Below are a few photos from around the house now that I'm settled in. I can't wait to continue sharing this journey with you along the way!


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