February 13, 2019

January Goals & Life Update

Was January the longest month ever, or what? But we made it! We are settled into 2019 and hopefully still feeling as inspired as we did on January 1st. I know we're well into February - the month has nearly gotten away from me - but I didn't want to miss sharing this post today. I knew this year when I set my goals that I wanted everything to feel very attainable and inspiring. January was a fantastic month. I have a long gratitude list from last month. It was such a positive springboard for the start of the year that I can't say enough. One of my blog goals for this year was to share monthly updates - what I've been up to, check-ins on my goals, things that have inspired and kept me track, etc. So, let's jump into the update. . .



As I mentioned in my goals post, each month I want to share the things I've been doing/reading/watching/listening to that are keeping me inspired, keeping me on track with my goals, and overall enriching my everyday life. Here is my January list:

one. Jonathan Martin's How To Survive A Shipwreck
This was such an awesome book to kick off my year. I think this book is most applicable for those of you going through really tough transitions and/or struggles in your life. I cannot say enough good things about Jonathan Martin!

two. Jen Hatmaker's For The Love podcast
I listened to every episode of Jen's January series, "For The Love Of Good Change," and felt so inspired during the entire month. The approach was not "new year, new you." It was more or less working with what we have to be our best, whole selves.

three. Dr. King's Letter From Birmingham Jail
Still so shockingly accurate, this could be a letter written in 2019 as easily as 1963. If you're curious about the work of social and racial justice, start here.

This is my first book study of 2019 and I will be sharing more about it when I'm finished. For now, I will say that the book is definitely giving me some nuggets of wisdom and everyday reminders for dealing with disappointment. More importantly, though, this Bible study has encouraged me to open my Bible again and read it for myself, dissect it for myself, and not just latch onto someone else's interpretation.

five. Jonathan Martin's Son Of A Preacher Man podcast
I heard Jonathan speak for the first time last year at Evolving Faith and I have followed his every step ever since - including his podcast where he brings the beautiful words he writes to life.

six. Instagram accounts I am loving:

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