January 7, 2019

My Favorite Moments of 2018

We're about a week into the new year and I have been feeling so inspired and energized. I can't wait to share my goals, intentions, and word-of-the-year with you all soon! I didn't want to rush myself in making decisions and lists just to say that I got it up by January 1. I'm learning to give myself more room this year and not limit my creative and satisfaction with expectations.

I wanted to stop in today and share some of my favorites from 2018. As I mentioned on instagram, there were parts of last year that will be missed and parts that won't. There were some great moments with friends, inspiring books I read, awesome new music I discovered, fun purchases I made - and I'm excited to give you all the details in this post. This blog has transitioned so much over the past two years, and finally I decided to stop trying to make it something and just let it be a living journal of mine. I love the opportunity for creativity that it gives me, but (just like with 2019), I'm giving myself some room to breathe.


Julie Leah Blog January 2018 Women's March

2018 is the year that I found my voice in terms of political issues and ideology, activism, and fighting for equality. The year started with the Women's March in January and only went up from there! I found some of the greatest writers, speakers, and voices to follow last year that align with my views but also keep me constantly asking questions and going in deep for answers. You can find me interacting with and retweeting them over on twitter.

I went all-in last year perfecting my personal style and dressing unapologetically "me." That mission was definitely accomplished. There will certainly be more of the same this year - leopard prints, hoops, boho tops, colorful accessories (you get the idea!).

More of my favorite moments from 2018 were documented in front of these colorful walls - some were happy surprises and some were sought out specifically for a photo opp. Here's to more colorful photos in 2019!

Last year wasn't a big travel year for me, but I did squeeze in a trip to my favorite city, Charleston, SC, just before school started back. Of all the places I will ever visit, Charleston will always rank high on the list. This photo also happens to be one of my favorites from the whole year.

I couldn't do this post without including my favorite purchase from last year. I'm trying to be more aware of my spending and buying pieces that I only truly love. Consuming less is one of my 2019 goals. There were several purchases from last year that I absolutely loved - I narrowed it down to these twelve.

From the top left:
Buffalo plaid dress that I bought in 2 colors and wear all the time (WALMART) // Faux fur leopard coat (BELK) // Round straw bag (KOHL'S) // Off-the-shoulder printed maxi dress (TJ MAXX) // Celine dupe bamboo initial necklace (AMAZON) // Rose gold slide sandals (local discount store, $7) // Floral print kimono duster (UMGEE) // Vera Bradley leather backpack (POSHMARK) // Camo sweatshirt (AERIE) // Monogrammed tote (this was gifted from Vera Bradley but definitely a favorite) // Tassel swim cover-up (WALMART) & Heart sunglasses (FASHION NOVA) // Silk tassel earrings (HART STUDIO)

Another favorite moment came just a few months ago, in October, when I attended the Evolving Faith Conference in Montreat, NC. Not only did I get the chance to meet some of the most inspiring voices in the (progressive) Christian community, this conference shook me and laid the ground work for 2019. You can read my recap of the conference in this post. (Pictured with Jen Hatmaker - completely fangirling)

If you follow on twitter then you already know that my political leaning is no secret. I make an attempt to reserve twitter just for that - it's become my "safe space." However, there was no way I could do a favorites list and not include the mid-term elections. As a result, our country's political landscape is more diverse and inclusive than its ever been and is slowly becoming a beautiful representation of what America actually looks like.

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