August 17, 2018

Currently Crushing: Top Ten

Hey there, friends! Happy Friday! As you can tell from the title, I wanted to pop in today and share a few things that I've come across recently that I thought "hey, if I love that, my readers probably will too!" I've been doing lots of online window shopping lately, and I've found some awesome stuff!

A couple of things that I didn't include in my list below: I snatched up this Vera Bradley leather backpack from Poshmark, and I've been carrying it every day since it arrived. I got it in a light grey color and it goes with everything in my closet. Two random bits I have to include: If you're considering seeing Christopher Robin and/or Mamma Mia 2, I highly recommend them both! They're both feel good movies that will leave you so happy afterward! Add them to your weekend to-do list!

Now for my top ten. . .

The Lace Project bracelets

I found these gorgeous bead/chain bracelets from a Disney instagrammer that I follow, Zoe Dokas. As soon as I clicked to the their feed I was hooked. For this type of bracelet these are a little bit pricey, but I think may be worth the splurge! 
(Image via @thelaceproject)

Kate Spade Miss Piggy Wristlet

How did I miss this collab a couple of years ago? This is from the 2016 Kate Spade holiday collection and I. am. obsessed. A few of the items are still available on Amazon, and I found some for resale on Poshmark and eBay. But, come on! Is she not the cutest? Miss Piggy has always been a favorite of mine.

Fall nail inspiration

I am loving these two manicures for fall! I've never been adventurous enough to mix it up this much but these two options are still neutral while adding a bit of fun. Are you a glitter person when it comes to your nails?

Shelliemay iphone case

I found these Disney phone cases on Amazon and come on! How adorable?! If you aren't familiar, the pink bear is ShellieMay, part of the Duffy & Friends Collection. I honestly want them both.

The Tiny Tassel Charleston SC

This is a Charleston-based company that I didn't discover until after I was already home from my trip in July. Mimi has tons of tassel-adorned pieces but these bamboo bangles and the bamboo earrings are my favorites! (Image via @thetinytassel)

What's not the love about this? I would absolutely carry right this right now. I think it would make a perfect carry-on bag for travel. Click over to the VB site to see the inside!

Little Magic Prints

Two nights ago I fell down a pinterest rabbit hole while trying to find a new phone wallpaper, and I discovered this amazing digital designer, Mika, who creates the most perfect "magic girls" like the ones pictured! You pay for the file and then you can use the art to create whatever you want! I think I see some stickers in my future! (Follow her on instagram @littlemagicprints)

Everyone's favorite street style photographer is remembered and his work brought to life in this colorful children's book. But I'm giving all adult fashion lovers permission to #addtocart :) I discovered this book on Katie Armour's blog, Katie Considers.

Another Kate Spade collaboration that I can't get enough of! These pieces are still available on the KS site - there's this cute bag, a necklace, phone case, and more!

BaubleBar always nails it, but their earrings blow me away again and again. I especially love these three options that have an updated retro vibe. Their resin and lucite collection will knock your socks off!

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