March 23, 2018

9 Products To Battle The Last Bit Of Winter Skin

How to treat winter dry skin
Image: Byrdie

My winter skin seems to hang on forever. Little patches of dry skin here or there and the constant need to put lotion on my hands - the struggle is real. I wanted to share with y'all today the products that I've been using to combat the last bit of winter skin that's hanging on.

I have to admit, I think these Halo vitamins are making the biggest difference, but the other products live up to their reputation. This is the first time I've used the Lush King of Skin in-shower moisturizer, and I cannot say enough good things about it. When your skin is still wet, you rub the bar all over your body and then pat dry. I was shocked the first time I used it how moisturized and soft my skin felt. And it smells so good (it has banana in it)! I also use this homemade body scrub about once a week. I especially like it for shaving my legs. I scrub my legs, then rinse off the sugar, and shave my legs with the oil that's left behind. It's the closest, smoothest shave ever. This particular recipe calls for a lot of oil (coconut and vitamin E) which, in my opinion, makes all the difference in a really great body scrub.

If you add nothing else to your routine from my list, get on the coconut oil bandwagon. I linked a beauty-brand coconut oil below, but the one I use every day is right off the grocery store shelf. Make sure it's 100% extra virgin - if you find that, any brand will do! I use this on my face, on my body, combined with my deodorant. I just love it and swear by it.

The lip scrub that I use a few times a week is actually one that I mixed - get the recipe in this post. I have used this one from Lush, though, and it's fantastic. This particular flavor/scent was a Valentine's Day exclusive but they have plenty of others. It's impossible to use a lip scrub and not get some of the flavor in your mouth so make sure you're mixing up your own or using one that's safe.

Finally, I want to share a bit of information about these new vitamins that I'm taking. I've never taken a hair/skin/nail vitamin before, but when one of my favorite (and most trusted) beauty gurus launched her own brand I definitely wanted to try them. Tati Westbrook is the brains behind Halo Beauty. If you're already familiar with her YouTube channel then you know that she's known for her honest reviews and genuine personality. You can get a full run-down on these vitamins in this video and this video. I've been taking these for a little over a week and can already tell a difference in my skin, how quickly my nails are growing, and how strong they are. The skin around my cuticles is where I first noticed the biggest difference then I could tell an overall softness in my skin that hadn't been there before.

I hope you'll try some of these products for yourself. I give them all my stamp of approval and wouldn't recommend them unless I thought you would love them too!



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I love these products! I am glad I cam across this post with fall and winter weather coming up. Thankyou!

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