February 23, 2018

Four Things That Changed When I Turned 30

I turned thirty-one back in January, and over the course of the last year there have been some significant things that have changed for me. Noticeable things that have actually taken conscious effort to address. I'm in no way saying this to be dramatic or act like thirty is old. Thirty is NOT old. What I am saying is if you believe that what you've always done (in lots of different aspects) will continue to work for you into a new decade, you're wrong. When I crossed into my twenties, for example, living like a teenager didn't work anymore. Life happens, and if we're not okay with facing the changes then the road ahead is destined to be even tougher than it has to be. So, today I'm sharing four things that changed for me when I turned thirty last year and what I did to embrace the changes.


This list isn't ranked, but if it was this would still be in the number one spot. My skin is where I noticed the biggest change when I turned thirty. I quickly realized I couldn't do what I had always done. Whether it be the beauty products I use (hi, wrinkle cream) or noticing a patch of dry skin that I've never had to deal with before - you name it, and it's happened. This may be TMI but I'm just gonna go there cause we're close. Over the past six months I've been battling with simply figuring out what kind of deodorant won't break me out. I was using a clinical strength formula and suddenly I started having an adverse reaction to it. So I looked into the natural options. I've had two really bad reactions to Tom's and Schmidt's brands. This was the most random, unexpected thing. I've never been someone that had to be careful because of sensitive skin or allergic reactions. I've also noticed that my makeup doesn't have the same staying power that it used to and it's starting to break down in certain places that it never has before (around my nose and on my chin). I've had to introduce new products and techniques into my routine to keep everything fresh all day. It's been a wild ride, for sure. If any of you have experienced anything similar please share it with me!

If I had a dollar for every new little feeling I feel, I'd be rich. Please don't read that like I'm aging myself or being cynical or pessimistic. No, none of the above. I'm just here for full disclosure today, y'all. I'm here to tell you, things start to feel different after thirty. It has quickly become clear to me that being active and taking care of my body is no longer optional. I've always been active - last year was the only exception. I'm realizing now that even on days I would rather not go to the gym, it can't be optional. Taking care of my physical health isn't just one dimensional. It crosses over into every aspect of my life. I always feel like a broken record when I say this but listen to your body. Don't neglect what it's telling you that it needs.

I've never really been a "yes" girl. I've always known the value of staying home on a Friday night or taking a mental health day from work. But I'm here to tell you, turning thirty proved to me just how important it is to put yourself first. Not in a selfish way. But in a way that says "I'm putting me first so that I can be the best ___________ I can be." You fill in the blank. For some you it's going to be at your job, for some it's being the best mom, and the list goes on. However you choose to fill in the blank, just know that you can't be the best anything if you aren't the best version of yourself. Your whole self. This came in the form of regular appointments with my therapist and cutting off toxic relationships in 2017. Self care can take on so many different forms. It's subjective to every individual. Never underestimate its power.

I've always been that friend in the group who would wear something unique and everyone would say, "Yeah, but you can get away with that!" Um, ok? I guess? No, really, my friends have always meant that as a compliment. It wasn't until I turned thirty that I really understood my personal style. When I moved last year and had to do a weed-out of my closet, I took it so seriously. There was nothing making the cut that I didn't love. Well, fast forward to just last week and I did another significant clean out after a year of living in my new place. Here's the thing I've come to realize and accept about my style. It's not singular. It's a mix of boho and bright and eclectic but put-together. I like putting together athleisure looks like nobody's business. But I've also settled into my love of hoop earrings and Timberland boots. And you know what? Every different look or style still feels like me. Embrace what you love on that particular day. Don't get wrapped up in the "should" mentality - do you.


xo, Julie

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