November 28, 2017

Thirty Things About Me

I wanted to mix things up a bit today and get away from the gift guides and the shopping round-ups. I've been trying to post this for a while and just lost interest a couple of times and finally decided that it wasn't worth posting. So it sat in my drafts. For months. Then, like I usually do when it comes to being torn about whether or not to hit publish on a post, I thought about how much I love it when other bloggers share posts like this about themselves.

I turned thirty way back in January and to say that 2017 has had it's ups and downs would be an understatement. I know we all joke about being ready for this year to be over, but personally, this year could not see itself to the door fast enough. It's been rough, y'all. I know that what's happened this year is part of my testimony and God is not going to let me out of sharing it. And I want to do that here on the blog with the hopes of reaching as many people as I can.

For today, though, I want to share thirty things about me that (hopefully) will be new information, things I've never really talked about here, and shed some light on who I (really) am. I wanted to share things that would be interesting whether you've been reading my blog for years or just stumbled upon my page from a pinterest link today.

I hope you enjoy! And if you're a blogger, I encourage you to write a post like this yourself. I found that it was therapeutic, brought about some introspection, and made me feel good about the person that I am. Have a wonderful day, friends!


one // I'm an only child.

two // I have naturally red hair.

three // I have a master's degree in school counseling K-12.

four // I was always the tallest in my class until high school.

five // I met my best friends in college.

six // I prefer pointy toe to round toe in any shoe.

seven // I would describe my style as classic meets boho meets feminine.

eight // I rarely wear short necklaces. If I do, it's paired with a long one, too.

nine // I just started wearing sneakers about two years ago.

ten // I will buy jewelry from anywhere.

eleven // I love traveling alone.

twelve // I will always order pimento cheese.

thirteen // I prefer quaint main street shops to outlets or malls.

fourteen // Mojito = vacation mode.

fifteen // Top 5 U.S. cities I want to visit: Santa Fe, Austin, Seaside, FL (again), Miami and Savannah 

sixteen // I'm actually very introverted.

seventeen // I want to inspire women to embrace their faith.

eighteen // I have anxiety.

nineteen // I'm at a ¨butterfly¨ moment in my life.

twenty // I am a feminist.

twenty-one // I want to move.

twenty-two // I want to start my own business.

twenty-three // I want to travel more.

twenty-four // I want to attend a women's conference (leadership, faith-based, something, anything!)

twenty-five // I want to host women's groups.

twenty-six // I listen to a sermon or faith-based presentation or podcast almost every morning while I get ready for work.

twenty-seven // Breakfast is my favorite meal. I'll eat breakfast food any time of day.

twenty-eight // A half sweet tea/half lemonade at Chick-fil-A is my favorite fast food drink. (Try it, you won't be disappointed!)

twenty-nine // I rarely pick out my clothes the night before work. (Therefore the dryer usually serves as my iron)

thirty // I have an embarrassingly large stationery collection.


Tell me something about you!



the cape on the corner said...

i always love getting to know people more, so thanks for sharing all these nuggets. so i always lay out my clothes for the week on sunday....i just do not allow for enough time for things to not work out or to come up with what to wear in the early mornings. to each his own, right??

Unknown said...

Sorry I am just now commenting on this...just now checking up on some of my favorite blogs. On your #24...let me suggest the if Gathering. It always takes place in February. Jennie Allen, who is a Christian author, speaker and teacher started his a couple years back and your life will be rocked and changed. The main gathering takes place in Austin, Texas but there are gatherings ALL over! Check it out at Hope this helps!!!