November 17, 2017

Life Lately: 3 Things Worth Sharing

Julie Leah Blog life update

Hi, friends! There's been lots happening around these parts lately. This is the most noise I've made around here in a long time. And it feels really great. I've wanted to get back into a blogging flow for a while and just couldn't seem to find my stride. Realizing that I'm supposed to be sharing posts like this one and this one with you is what it took to get my act together. The direction of this blog had to change if inspiration was going to come. God gave me just what I needed at the right moment. He's a God of time and timing (thanks, Beth Moore). He knows what we need when we need it because he is intent on knowing us. If you're struggling with inspiration and you are a believer, maybe take inventory of the message you're putting out into the world. Perhaps you're supposed to be going a different direction. . .

Today I wanted shared a few updates that I thought were worth letting you guys in on. During this season of thanks I just want y'all to know how grateful I am for you. That you continue to read and follow and support me. This is a season (year!) of growth for me and the fact that you've decided to be part of that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Really. Sending you lots of love wherever you are. xo, Julie


Julie Leah Blog life update

So, I'll just go ahead and get the obvious one out of the way since I promised to share more about it in this post. I have been wanting a more professional, well-developed blog design for a few months. Enter pipdig. The trend in blog designs is always changing but right now it feels like "less is more" is a recurring theme. Letting the graphics and photography do most of the work, that's what I've noticed. I've loved the magazine-style designs that I've seen lately, but I wasn't sure if it was for me. I appreciate the ability to just scroll through a blog. Anyone else? This design that I chose, however, felt like it was the best of everything. It was streamlined, professional, and aesthetically pleasing. And the best news? I was able to upload the template all by myself and not have to enlist the HTML knowledge of a professional. Pipdig has the most beautiful Blogger templates and Wordpress themes I've seen. Most of the time pre-made designs feel just that - pre-made and generic. This template was so easy to upload and the customizations were done in a snap. I actually designed my own blog header. I can't say enough great things about this company!

Julie Leah Blog life update

As I've mentioned on social media, I started my first ever online Bible study through Proverbs 31 Ministries last week. As of today, I'm halfway through. I decided to take part in this one because of the theme and my current season of life. Max Lucado's Anxious for Nothing has offered me some solid ground to stand on in the midst of my battle with anxiety. As anyone who suffers from anxiety knows, having solid footing isn't always possible. This book, combined with very timely scripture, has been a welcome change from my usual coping mechanisms. 

Julie Leah Blog life update

As you can see, I've already linked up holiday content from years past to get you in the spirit! I'm going to start sharing holiday posts starting next week and I can't wait! Think gift guides, holiday looks, outfit ideas (like this one that I posted for Thanksgiving), my Christmas decorations, beauty looks, an epic Christmas playlist, recipes, the best holiday shopping guides (Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday & Cyber Monday) and maybe even a giveaway! I've mentioned this before, but the holidays around blogland are my absolute favorite. Some of my favorites have already shared posts - Liz, Shelby, & Julia. You can get a full list of my favorite blogs over on my sidebar under "daily reading." Be on the look out for my first gift guide on Monday! And you can shop some of my current favorite festive pieces in the shop widget just below my header!

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