July 14, 2017

Flawless (But Not Overdone) Makeup Routine and Products

Hey there, friends! Happy Friday! I'm really excited to share today's post with y'all. I've been working on putting it together for a little while but have gotten a little overwhelmed with all the products and put it on pause a couple of times. I finally finished rounding up everything last night and wanted to make sure I got it up on the blog today.

I could've also titled this my "everyday makeup routine" because this is my step-by-step routine for the makeup look that I do on full makeup days. I don't do full makeup every day in the summer when I'm not at work, but if I'm going to work or going out, this is it. I don't consider my routine incredibly complicated or intricate. There's nothing exhausting or frustrating about it. I just consider it a solid, ride-or-die routine that guarantees you'll look flawless and remain melt-down proof all day. Yes, all day. I get so many questions like "How does your makeup still look that good at the end of the day?!" Well, gang, this is how. I love the combination of products that I'm currently using. Nothing is exceptionally heavy or cakey (yuck in the summer!), and all the products layer well with each other and give you a really pretty "glowing from within" finish. I hope you enjoy!


Beauty Routine: Face

1. PRIMER // I use the ELF PRIMER all over my face and rub it in until it feels a little tacky to the touch. I put two sprays in my hand and then apply because the sprayer on this bottle (at least the one I got) is a little aggressive. It's not a fine mist. Then I use the BENEFIT POREFESSIONAL PRIMER just in my t-zone.

2. FOUNDATION // The WET N WILD PHOTO FOCUS FOUNDATION has been my favorite lately. I put it on the back of my hand and stipple it onto my face using this REAL TECHNIQUES BRUSH. I push everything out into my hairline, onto my ears, and down my neck to create a seamless finish and no harsh foundation lines.

3. CONCEALER // I haven't found a concealer yet to match TARTE SHAPE TAPE. I put this right above my jawline to cover redness, in the center of my chin, above my top lip, down the center of my nose, in a "fan" design between my eyes, and in a triangle under my eyes. I use a damp REAL TECHNIQUES SPONGE to blend everything out.

4. POWDER // I've been using this ESTEE LAUDER POWDER since high school and I haven't found anything that locks in my makeup all day like this. I use a big fluffy IT COSMETICS BRUSH to dust it all over my face. This is my secret weapon - I'm certain this is what keeps my makeup from going into melt down mode. If you're going to splurge on a product, I recommend this one! It pairs so well with every foundation I've ever used it with.

5. BAKE // I just recently started using a loose setting powder for baking. This one from RIMMEL works great under your eyes while you apply your eyeshadow to catch fall out and along your jawline and the lower half of your face to carve out your contour. Let it "set" while you bronze and do "step one" of eyes below. (Selling point: This powder doesn't have any flashback in photos!)

6. BRONZER // I have been using this PHYSICIANS FORMULA BRONZER for about two years, and I still haven't found anything I love more. It's not completely matte but it's not shimmery either. It's the perfect natural color that's easy to build up for more color. I put it right along my hairline, on my cheeks, my nose, right on my jawline, under my chin, and down the center of my neck. I use this IT COSMETICS BRUSH for bronzing.

*Tip: Recently, after I apply my powder products, I will go ahead and use a setting spray all over my face. Then I'll take my beauty sponge and pat out the setting spray, pressing it into my skin. This takes away the "powdery" finish that can often look too "made up" and unnatural. Patting the setting spray into your skin gives it luminosity and a dewier finish. Try it! I think you'll love the results. 


Beauty Routine: Eyes

1. PRIMER // I always prime my eyes with some concealer to create an even base for my shadow. You can use an eye shadow primer, but I've found that concealer works just as well. Blend it out with your beauty sponge and you get the same effect.

2. SET // I use two neutral shades from the MAKEUP REVOLUTION MATTE PALETTE to set the concealer before going in with color. I dust the two shade that I've marked with stars all over my lid, from brow bone to lashes.

3. SHADOW // I haven't used another palette since my JACLYN HILL x MORPHE PALETTE showed up. It's honestly the best shadow I've ever used. They blend out beautifully. The colors that I've starred are the one I've been using for my everyday look. This WET N WILD BRUSH is no joke either. I bought two of them at Dollar Tree (yes!) and have been so impressed. I mix the two colors on the top row as a transition shade on my lid (not taking the color any higher than my crease), then I mix the two shades  on the next row and put them in my crease. Finally, I take the shimmery bronze/gold shade that I marked and pack it on my lid with my finger. I recommend using your finger for shimmers, not a brush. The color pay off is much more pigmented and you get less fall out on your face. (FYI: The JHxMorphe Palette will be back in stock next Tuesday!)

4. BOTTOM LINER // I use this ELF BLACK PENCIL LINER on my lower lashes. I use a light hand to apply a small amount along the length of my entire lashes. Then I use a small, pointed sponge to smoke out the line. Then I go back in with a liner brush and the two crease colors that I used on my lid and smoke out my bottom lash line. This creates a beautiful, wide-eyed effect and softens that dark black liner even more. It's perfect for everyday makeup. 

5. TOP LINER // Then I use the NYX MATTE LIQUID LINDER to line my top lashes. This liner is the darkest black, super matte, and doesn't let the eye shadow bleed through.

6. MASCARA // I've been using BENEFIT ROLLER LASH for a few years now and haven't found a mascara I love more. I've found a couple that I like as much, but nothing that replaces this one. I use this on my upper and lower lashes. It never gets clumpy so you can pack on layers to get your lashes as long and thick as you want without worrying about spider lashes.

7. BROWS // Finally, I use the L'OREAL BROW STYLIST to fill in my brows and I set them using the RIMMEL BROW THIS WAY GEL. Brow gel is one of those steps that for a long time I thought was little too extra for me, but after finding a really good one, it changed everything. If you want to splurge the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS GEL is bomb too.


Beauty Routine: Cheeks & Lips
1. BLUSH // I am a die-hard fan of NARS ORGASM BLUSH. It's the most beautiful flush of color. I alternate it out with the blush in this IT COSMETICS PALETTE. They're very similar - a soft peachy shade with gold flecks. I apply it high and back on my cheeks, sweeping it down on the apple of my cheeks just a little bit. This helps prevent a "clown effect" on your cheeks - which is not a good look on anyone.

2. CONTOUR // I use the bronzer in this IT COSMETICS PALETTE for a final sweep of bronzer and a little contouring. I will apply this right in the hollow of my cheekbones to create a contrast with the blush I use. I also put two small lines down the sides of my nose. I don't do full contouring on my face for everyday. However, what I've described in my steps is a quick way to create dimension to your face that doesn't take up that much more time in your routine, and the results are worth it!

3. HIGHLIGHT // The BECCA COSMETICS HIGHLIGHTER in Champagne Pop has been my ride or die since it was released. It's lasted forever - I'm still on my first compact! I use a fluffy tapered brush and apply this right at the top of my cheekbones, sweeping it back around my eye up my temple. I also put a small amount on my cupid's bow and just a little down my nose. If I'm wearing something that shows my collarbone or shoulders, I'll also apply it there.

4. SET // I know there are tons of setting sprays out there - and some of them are pricey. I haven't found one that I love more or does a better job than the NYX MATTE FINISH SETTING SPRAY. I do a liberal spray all over my face. This time, though, I do not pat it out with the beauty sponge - I let it air dry.

1. LINE // I've just started using this L'OREAL LIP LINER in Forever Rose and I love it. It's a perfect neutral shade to create a base for any lip color.

2. LIPSTICK // Y'all have heard me talk about these lipsticks before. LORAC ALTER EGO LIPSTICK is absolutely favorite. My everyday color is Duchess.

3. GLOSS // The NYX BUTTER GLOSSES are so creamy and shiny. The shade Creme Brulee pairs perfectly with Lorac Duchess.


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