April 17, 2017

Weekend Photo Diary // Vol. 1

If you follow on snapchat then you know that I took a day trip on Saturday to Asheville, NC (which you also know is one of my favorite places if you've been following for a while!). One of my best friends' daughter is considering UNC-Asheville so we made a day of it so that she could have the full Asheville experience.

We started with a volleyball game at UNC-A, had lunch at Wicked Weed (voted the best brewery in the south by Southern Living), walked and shopped downtown, and finished the day at the outlets. The weather was absolutely perfect on Saturday - we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.

Actually the weather the whole weekend was amazing. Easter Sunday is always hit or miss, and when it's a miss you feel completely ridiculous in your sundress and sandals. Right? Not yesterday - it was windy but a perfect (what I consider) official start to spring. Side note: Why am I being weather girl right now?!

Below are a few photos captured from the weekend! I hope your week is off to a great start, friends!


There are some great spots in Asheville for photo ops - including the wall of this tattoo parlor. I knew we would be walking around a lot on Saturday so I chose a go-to outfit that's perfect for long days of adventuring.

We stopped for liquid energy before heading out of town on Saturday. My DD drink of choice is always iced coffee with almond milk and sugar - so simple but so dang good. (Not pictured: My chocolate chip muffin)

The UNC Asheville campus kinda feels like it's in a national park. It's really beautiful and definitely has that "hippie vibe" that Asheville is known for. There's a meditation room, sustainable garden, Bee hotel (yes!), and gorgeous pink dogwoods. The school's motto, "I lift my eyes to the mountains," couldn't be more perfect.

This cross is standing in front of a church in town, and I just had to stop yesterday and get a photo. Aren't those live flowers beautiful?

I can't remember if I've mentioned getting this Gray Malin print for Christmas. Anyway, I finally took it to the framer a couple weeks ago and picked it up on Friday. I can't wait to get it hung over my pink couch. It's the perfect finishing touch to my living room.


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