December 20, 2016

#JLHoliday 2016: My (Very) Pink Christmas Decorations

Hi, friends! Apologies for the lack of post yesterday. I spent the day recovering from the amazing whirlwind weekend that I had. There's nothing quite like getting to be with the people who fill in your missing pieces. I always feel the most like myself when I'm with them. Between Friday and Saturday in Knoxville and Sunday in Asheville, I was wiped out yesterday. The Kacey Musgraves show on Friday night was spectacular - I'm even more of a fangirl now (didn't know that was even possible). The Tennessee Theatre is a magical place, y'all. It was the perfect location for her winter wonderland-themed show! 

We browsed one of my favorite vintage stores on Saturday, and I picked up a few new ornaments. I also got to play with the cutest puppy in a Christmas sweater (you saw a little clip of him if you follow on snapchat). His name is Chester, and he spends his days running around the shop making friends and annoying the cats.

Sunday, I spent the day at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville. This was my first time at The Grove Park and it was wonderful, but so crowded. I've never seen so many people in a hotel before! The building itself looks like something out of a storybook and the two fireplaces in the main lobby are breathtaking. We ate brunch at Blue Ridge - a buffet to rival all other buffets, y'all. If you ever have the chance to go, go

Now onto today's post. . .

I've already shared a couple peeks at my (very pink) Christmas decorations over on instagram, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to share lots and lots of photos here on the blog! I hope you enjoy and you're inspired to do whatever the heck you wanna do when it comes to decorating your own house and tree next year! Only five sleeps 'til Christmas!



My tree was a lucky find at Big Lots seven years ago when I first moved into my townhouse. Unfortunately, I've never found one since that is this perfect shade of pink. Last year I had to completely re-light the tree because the wiring went bad. I just love this little booger so much.

Waffle Ornament: Hobby Lobby // Donut Ornament: TJ Maxx

I found my tree topper this year at A Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge.

Strawberry Basket Ornament: Hobby Lobby

Deer Ornament: Hobby Lobby

Pizza Ornament: Target

"L" Ornament: Last year at Anthropoloige // Taco Ornament: Target
Sparkly/Furry Garland: Last year at Target

Sparkly Deer Ornament: Available in store at Target

Vintage Deer Ornament: Target // Camper Ornament: Hobby Lobby

Stack Of Pancakes Ornament: Hobby Lobby

I spent a lot of time this year searching high and low for new ornaments to add to my collection. I'm a huge fan of the vintage-inspired, glass, painted ones! Hobby Lobby is definitely the best place to find them at a reasonable price - and they have a fantastic selection. 



Pom Pom Garland: Hobby Lobby // Star Garland: Target // Large Bottle Brush Trees: Target

Green Garland: World Market // Pearl Lights (I leave these up year-round): Target

"Happy Holidays" Print: Amanda Catherine Designs // Gold Glitter Deer: Last year at Target



Yard Flamingos: Amazon (I've linked the exact ones I have)

I've gotten so many comments/compliments on these cute yard flamingos that I dressed up for the holidays. I simply put floral foam in the bottom of my pots to hold the flamingos upright. Then, I covered the foam in silver, old-fashioned garland. Yep, simple as that! 
I made big red, tulle bows to fancy 'em up!



Girl Meets Bow said...

I am obsessed with all of your Christmas decor- especially that pink tree!! I'm going to put my mom on the hunt for one for me :)

Unknown said...

Very pretty 🎄😀