December 8, 2016

Holiday Beauty Products To Buy Now

Julie Leah Blog // Holiday Beauty Products To Buy Now

There's something about the holidays (and NYE especially) that makes me want to pull out all the sparkly, glittery products I have. I'm usually not one to gravitate to those items, but this time of year just makes me want to go for it. I'm not even heavy-handed with my everyday highlighter - and sometimes I skip it altogether. But I just can't help for special holiday events, doing a little something extra. You know, that extra that takes your outfit from winter to holiday. I desperately want to do some beauty looks and tutorials on here for you all, but I haven't figured out the right set-up for taking photos. That's probably one of the most requested posts from you guys - beauty and hair tutorials. I promise I'll figure it out!

Below I've rounded up some not-so-subtle products featuring the prettiest sparkle, glitter and shimmer I could find! And a few of them are just for a little extra pop. You can view all of my holiday posts by clicking the pink holiday graphic over on my sidebar, too. There's still lots of holiday cheer to come!


Holiday Beauty Products


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