November 21, 2016

Gift Ideas: FOR HER

Blogger Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Monday, friends! I'm kicking off the week with my gift guide series. I know lots of bloggers take their gift guides so seriously. I'm just gonna tell you - I'm not that blogger. The things I round up are simply things that catch my eye and would be things that I would actually buy someone or want to receive myself. If we have similar taste, then you're in luck! Above are a few ideas to get your juices flowing for the special females that you have in your life to buy for. Honestly, there are a couple of these things on my own Christmas wish list!


Gift Ideas for HER



Girl Meets Bow said...

You're so cute, "I am not that blogger"- ha! I have that same vest on my wish list too!

Jessica said...

Those Sputnik-chandelier inspired earrings are the cutest!