October 3, 2016

Monthly Muse: OCTOBER

Happy October, friends! It's officially pumpkin season (even though I've had out my pumpkin decorations since the start of last month!). Funny thing is, I really hate pumpkin. A PSL is the last drink you'll find me ordering, and pumpkin pie grosses me out. I know - so weird, so lame.

October is when I really start getting excited for the holidays and start brainstorming holiday content for the blog. It's also the start of the busiest time of year - I think I speak for all of us when I say that! My calendar is already starting to fill up through the end of the year. Dare I say, with the temperatures dropping, I'm getting a little bit excited for snow?!




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Unknown said...

Ready to Fall & the Holidays as well! So excited for cooler fall days!