August 22, 2016

Currently Crushing

Currently Crushing

1. State necklace, DOGEARED -- 2. Horseshoe ring, DOGEARED -- 3. Unicorn ring, DOGEARED
4. Light pink tassels, LISI LERCH -- 5. Bull & floral tunic, MUMU 
6. #Appalachia tee, HASHTAG APPALACHIA
7. Lace up flats, HALOGEN -- 8. Lauren sandals, JACK ROGERS
9. Tote, BARRINGTON -- 10. Squash blossom necklace, ETSY


Happy Monday, friends! When I sat down to brainstorm ideas for today's post, I immediately thought about all the neat pieces that I've been bookmarking and saving that I need want to add to my collection of pretty things. Like a squash blossom necklace - that one is topping my list right now. Do y'all know how much authentic squash blossoms cost, though?! For now, I'm just gonna have to settle for a really good replica. And can we also discuss for just a minute why Mumu has to be so dang expensive?! I literally want every. single. thing. But especially some of the pieces from the latest collection (all the heart eyes).

If y'all follow on snapchat (julie-leah) then you saw some clips of the awesome Saturday night I had. I can't wait to share more with you this week! Here's a snap from instagram to hold you over! I'm heading to the fair tonight to see Dan & Shay (also, all the heart eyes!) so expect that to be included in a recap this week, too. 

And thank you a million for the sweetest ever response to my blogging return last week. My heart is full and happy. You guys are just the best.

xo, Julie

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