March 28, 2016

Make My Monday

(Image via my instagram)

Happy Monday, friends! I'm happy to be back today, and I'm looking forward to getting back into a regular blogging routine for you all. It's been a nice breather to step away from my life online and refocus my attention. I was starting to feel like things were just getting away from me, and I couldn't breath. I never could quite put my finger on it, but things just needed to be put in perspective for a while. I've never wanted to feel like I was losing sight of what's most valuable and making short-term sacrifices with long-term consequences. And it was starting to scare me that that's what was happening. Thank you for allowing me a minute to prioritize. I want to explain a little more of that soon and give you a glimpse into my personal life that I haven't before. Hang tight, that's coming - I promise!

Here's to a great week ahead! xo, Julie



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