December 22, 2015

My Style: Swing Dress + Fur Vest

It's guaranteed that I'll be wearing some combination of this look on Christmas Eve. It's currently my go-to look for chilly days. I say "chilly" very forgivingly considering it's going to be 70 on Friday. I've mentioned it before, but this fur vest is absolutely the best one I've ever found. Right now most of the sizes are sold out (I bought mine a couple months ago), but keep checking - they may restock! This one from Forever 21 is a good option too - really long and not too puffy.

So....raise your hand if you still have shopping to do! Ooops.

I bought this dress in every color and print they had - it's so versatile!

I swear, the best fur vest I've ever found!


Personalized necklace: gifted from ONECKLACE

Sunglasses: PRADA via DITTO

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