June 25, 2015

Let's Go There: What I'm Packing for #SBSCon

Happy (early) weekend, friends! I'm starting my voyage to Charleston today and heading to Knoxville overnight. I get to visit one of my best friends, snuggle her precious baby boy, and get up bright and early Friday morning to meet Katie and Jessica for our drive down south. Once we get there, we're meeting up with the fourth member of our crew, Shelby, and packing in every bit of fun we can in four days. I hope you'll follow along with us! Below are some of the things packed in my suitcase for the weekend!


This is the third annual Southern Blog Society Conference, and I am so proud of my girls Jessica and Cathy for all the love and hard work they pour into this organization. It has truly changed my blogging game and my life. It's come such a long way since the first Sunday brunch we had in Atlanta back in 2013. I can't wait to see what these babes have dreamed up this year!

Most of the time I make a list. This time, I didn't. I may end up regretting it, but I swear, I feel like I have packing down to a science as much as I travel. For this trip in particular, I wanted to pull together some really stylish looks while still feeling like I'm not overdone. It's South Carolina in June so I also wanted to pack all pieces that were breezy and breathable - nothing tight or stuffy. I'm packing just a few pairs of shoes that can be mixed with everything in my suitcase - especially if I change my mind about dressing something up or down. My jewelry is all colorful, tassel-y, and fun - very summertime! 

I really can't pick a favorite thing! I love my new pineapple clutch from Talbots and my Lilly jumpsuit. Honestly, there isn't anything in my suitcase for this trip that I don't love. I'm taking a variety of clutches that I can mix and match with my different outfits and that won't weigh me down when we're out exploring. And my Jacks, you know I'm taking those to Charleston!

(All photos taken by me for Julie Leah Blog)

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