June 9, 2015

A Rustic Virginia Wedding

My friends Lauren and Andrew got married on Saturday in one of the most beautifully rustic, outdoor weddings I've ever seen. No, really. The venue is brand new and will literally take your breath away. We're so blessed to live where we do that I think we often take it for granted. There are little gems, though, in the Appalachian mountains and I love calling this place home and getting to celebrate life here.

Lauren and I became friends during our time in college (we're sorority sisters), and I was honored when she asked me to be responsible for glamming her up on her wedding day. I snapped a few photos to share with you all of the details from this gorgeous wedding. I felt so happy to be a part of it all!

Lauren and Andrew hollowed out a tree that was cut on Andrew's family farm and constructed a canoe that they sailed down the river in as their "send off."

Their wedding favor for guests was homemade apple butter.

The groom's cake was a traditional "stack cake" - lots of spiced cake layers with apple butter filling.

The flowers - it was just like you had gone to your grandma's garden and gathered a bouquet.

Instead of a traditional guest book, guests signed their name and well-wishes on unfinished oars.

(All photos taken with my iPhone 6 + edited with Snapseed)


agapske said...

This wedding looks so gorgeous!

Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

Brittany@TheLadyLawyer said...

How pretty! The venue is stunning!

Girl Meets Bow said...

Looks like such a beautiful wedding! How fun!

Mrs. Shockley said...