May 11, 2015

Make My Monday

Happy Monday, sweet friends! I finally feel like I've gotten my head above water! This weekend was super productive - caught up on my TV shows, cleaned my house top to bottom, and worked outside. I also did a hair and makeup practice run with one of my friends who is getting married next month. I love checking things off my to-do list! I enjoyed spending yesterday with my mom celebrating Mother's Day. It's become a tradition for us to have brunch at a local hotel on Mother's Day - it's a nice break from the usual routine. Below are ten links to start your Monday off right!

one // Are you familiar with Star Mela bags? If they don't scream "take me on vacation" nothing does.

two // These photos of Will and Kate taking home Princess Charlotte (I die!) are some of my favorites. 

three // The Met Gala was last week - you can view all the Chinese-inspired looks here and see my top picks in this post.

four // I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this bag won't sell out and makes it to a surprise sale. This is a NEED, people.

five // I came across this tomato tart recipe one day last week and am going to tackle it soon. This is literally everything I want at any given meal.

six // Being the avid Clueless fan that I am, I loved this article noting five things we didn't already know about the 90s cult classic.

seven // I ordered Aliza Licht's new book Leave Your Mark last week and can't wait for it to get here! I've heard nothing but amazing reviews.

eight // This spring outfit from my friend Cathy is everything.

nine // Ankit sent me these adorable tech accessories. You can view their collection here.

ten // This room designed by Mandy of Waiting on Martha is stunning.

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Brittany@TheLadyLawyer said...

Love the Clueless article! Still one of my favorite movies