May 13, 2015

4 Reasons We Love Lilly Pulitzer

There is absolutely no denying that the Lilly for Target launch lacked a, planning? I'm not really sure where they needed to start but all around it was kind of a disaster. They completely underestimated the demand and many Lilly fans walked away empty-handed and disappointed. The chaotic experience got me thinking, though. What is it about this brand that made the collaboration (and the traditional line that we know and love) so high-demand? It's kind of a no-brainer when you think about it. . . 

The message.
The message of Lilly Pulitzer has always been positivity, anything is possible if you put a smile on your face, and anytime is the right time for a party. A few of Lilly Pulitzer's most famous quotes encourage living in an eternal summer and the notion that "anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink."

The lifestyle.
Who doesn't want to live the Palm Beach lifestyle? The endless days at the beach and the endless nights dancing 'til dawn. It just seems positively exciting. Not only has this brand created pieces that women love to wear, but the status of their Palm Beach-origin makes them that much more desirable.

The quality.
The quality is unmatched and it's a classic case of you get what you pay for. Now some would argue that the Target pieces were, well, Target quality, but to a certain extent I have to disagree. The pieces that I got from the collection have been great quality - especially this maxi dress.

And, of course, the prints.
What is it about those fruit-colored prints and patterns that just draw us in? With every passing season the print designers at Lilly  come up with something new and exciting and fresh. They're iconic, you can spot them from a mile away and they're unapologetically bright and unique.


All the images above were found on the Lilly Pulitzer pinterest page - there's tons of inspiration over there!



Brittany@TheLadyLawyer said...

I completely agree! It's about the lifestyle but it's also about the quality and longevity. Each Lilly piece is a classic..wearing a pattern from a few seasons back is seen as "vintage" or a "classic" rather than last season. A collectible!

Unknown said...

Love Lilly!! I always feel so great wearing her items! :)