April 15, 2015

Five Tips for Sending Snail Mail

There's something so special about a handwritten note. I have a friend (hi, LeRae!) who always seems to know exactly when I'm needing a pick-me-up and sends the most thoughtful cards. I love the idea of making an effort to surprise someone with a few lines of encouragement and "I'm thinking about you." It really can make someone's day.

As a blogger, I'm also a huge fan of sending thank you notes to brands and PR peeps who are kind enough to collaborate with me. Believe me, those little gestures do not go unnoticed. So, whether you're sending notes to friends or sending notes as a means of building your brand, I wanted to share five simple tips for really making that note special.

one // Make it personal. Splurging on personalized stationery is always a great route to go. You can go the extra mile and get matching return address labels, if you want.

(You can get the cards featured at Pear Tree Greetings)

two // Use a pen with ink that matches, coordinates or highlights the colors in your stationery. You can use blue and black ink any ol' time. Le Pen has a great selection of colors.

three // Keep the note simple but specific. Say something very genuine and direct - this let's the person know that this isn't a generic, recycled note. 

four // For brand-specific notes, include a business card. Make sure they're printed on quality paper and include the most important information - too much and they don't look professional.

five // It's all in the details. Pretty stamps, envelope details, stickers - it really does make all the difference. 

{Featured: Gifted stationery from Pear Tree Greetings (see my previous post featuring Pear Tree here)
Gifted blog business cards from TinyPrints | Pens from Target | Matches from Design Darling}

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