March 31, 2015

What I Loved: MARCH

What I Loved: MARCH

Hey, friends! How was your weekend? I spent mine working, shopping, and catching up on my TV shows. What is the deal that I can't stay awake past nine o'clock these days? Scandal had just come on last week and I dozed off within the first ten minutes. If y'all have any good TV recommendations, leave them in the comments for me! Chasing Life and Pretty Little Liars are on hiatus so I'm looking for new shows - or Netflix recommendations! Below are the links to a few things that I loved this month and really made March fly by! Happy (almost) April, y'all!


one // Finally got to pull out my gold Jack Rogers!

two // My excitement and anticipation are building for the Lilly for Target collection.

three // I found this and this at Target a couple weeks ago and I love them together.

four // I wore some pieces out last weekend from the new store I'm working at, Versona. If you live in my area, come see me and introduce yourself!

five // The new home pieces at Target are absolutely to die for.

six // I chatted about some recent beauty obsessions on the blog last week - especially this highlighter!

seven // You know, just growing my tassel collection.

eight // I love that it's tulip season!

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