March 25, 2015

7 Beauty Products I Love Right Now

Beauty Products I Love

I feel like I've become somewhat of a beauty junkie lately. I've been trying out lots of new products that I've read reviews about or seen mentioned on blogs and youtube. Above are a few that I'm currently loving - and a gorgeous bag to keep them all in! Get the details for each below!


one // THE BALM NUDE 'TUDE PALETTE - The most perfect palette of nude colors to mix and play with. I'm a huge fan of the shimmers for highlighting the inside corners of my eyes. And I seriously can't get enough of this packaging.

two // NYX XTREME LIP CREAM - Omg. My world is completely changed after picking up one of these on a whim over the weekend. Dolly Girl is the most perfect creamy, bright pink. If you haven't tried liquid lipstick I highly recommend experimenting with this one! The price is right at $6.

three // NYX MATTE FINISHING SPRAY - I've been wanting to try out a finishing spray for a while but wasn't sold on paying $20-$30 for it. I wasn't convinced that it would work. For $8, though, I was willing to test this one out, and I'm hooked.

four // THE BALM MARY-LOU MANIZER - Isn't the branding for these products just the best? I haven't officially bought this product yet but it's happening as soon as I can get to Belk this week! This highlighting powder is so soft and pigmented - it looks beautiful on the apples of your cheeks!

five // BIORE CHARCOAL PORE MINIMIZER - I didn't immediately jump on the charcoal bandwagon, but now I'm so glad I did. I've only used this once (I just bought it on Sunday) and I can tell such a difference in how my makeup has gone on this week.

six // TORY BURCH PINEAPPLE PRINTED BEAUTY BAG - This speaks for itself, right?!

seven // BIORE CHARCOAL PORE STRIPS - I've used the original Biore strips on-and-off since I was in high school, but these take it to a whole new level. The difference was noticeable after the first use!

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Anonymous said...

I adore NYX - I'll have to try liquid lipstick next time in the states - I tried something by (I think)YSL and really liked it...but $6 is a great price!