February 17, 2015

What To Watch on Netflix

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Today marks my second snow day this week. Two-for-two, and I'm not complaining. It snowed (no exaggeration) all day here yesterday. This is the first real snow we've gotten this year and it's about dang time. I may venture out later to shovel a path down my driveway, but if I'm being honest I'll probably just stay right here under this blanket on my couch. Before I got Netflix, I'm not really sure what I did to keep myself entertained on snow days. So, for your entertainment on those snow days or lazy weekends, I'm sharing five of my recent Netflix favorites.


Why you should watch: 
At some point, every 90s child has dreamed of being able to watch endless episodes of Saved By The Bell. There's no way I'm the only one. Now it's possible and it's undeniably perfect. (Six seasons)


Why you should watch:
First, you should watch the Hitchcock classic Psycho for a reference point, then start the series. It's a psychological thriller from beginning to end of every episode. The audience learns who Norman Bates was before the infamous shower scene. The third season premiers on A&E Monday, March 9. (Two seasons)


Why you should watch:
Because everyone tells you to? I've been hearing forever what a great show this is and I just started it last night. I don't have enough insight for a solid recommendation other than to say I was hooked within minutes of the first episode. Frank Underwood is a political animal. Season three will be released on Netflix on February 27. (Two seasons)


Why you should watch:
Ok, I have to admit I never understood the hype of this show when it was on television. I saw it on Netflix a couple weeks ago and decided to give it a go and I can't stop. It's hilarious - Chandler is one of the funniest characters ever created for TV. Not to mention, it laid the groundwork for the friend-themed sitcoms we love today. (Ten seasons)


Why you should watch:
I was devastated when Gossip Girl ended. Chuck + Blair 4-ever. You can relive all the drama, boyfriend-girlfriend switcheroos, and the gorgeous wardrobe. I mean, that's what we were watching for anyway, right? (Six seasons)


What are y'all currently watching on Netflix?


Unknown said...

I forgot Saved By The Bell was on Netflix!!! You just saved me - I finished Friends for the 51340506 time last night. :)

Unknown said...

I noticed over the weekend that That 70s Show is now on there, I'll probably be watching that sometime soon.

Nicole said...

I am dying to start Gilmore Girls again! That's on my Netflix list for sure. And who wouldn't like to start Gossip Girl from square one?!

Good luck with your snow days for the rest of the week. We were out because of ice dangers today (only in Georgia!). xo!

One Tick to Be Sick said...

I cannot wait for the third season of Bates Motel! It's seriously such a great show. I've gotten so many of my good friends watching it.

Unknown said...

Great suggestions! House of Cards is so addicting...just wait until you see what crazy stuff happens later on in the season! How I Met Your Mother is another binge-able series that's up there that I have so much love for.