February 24, 2015

My Oscar's Top 11

I simply couldn't eliminate any of these for a top ten - sorry! I know Gwyneth's pink dress was a little controversial, a lot of differing opinions on twitter last night. But I absolutely loved it - the blush pink color is perfection on her, and I love the oversized flower "corsage." I wasn't sold on Kerry Washington or Dakota Johnson until I saw actual photos of them. I think both gowns photographed beautifully and I think their looks were on-point for presenters. Margot Robbie and Marion Cotillard continue to be my ultimate girl crushes and they killed it last night. Did anyone hear Marion pronounce "Dior Haute Couture" during her red carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest?! Death by beautiful French accent - that's how I want to die. Lupita Nyong'o's Calvin Klein gown featured 6,000 pearls. Yes, really. Who were your favorites from Sunday night?

(Images via Style.com | Back photo of Marion Cotillard via Daily Mail)


Girl Meets Bow said...

My favorite was Rosamund Pike! She looked so stunning in red!

Girl Meets Bow

Melissa Blake said...

Yayyyy, Meryl!! She's timeless and so classy! I also loved Felicity Jones!