January 23, 2015

Twenty-Eight Things I've Learned in Twenty-Eight Years

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. Twenty. Eight. I say that over and over and it still doesn't get any farther away from thirty, as hard as I try. If I'm being really honest, though, I wouldn't turn around and do these birthdays all over again even if I was given the chance. What I thought was wisdom at sixteen (ha!) doesn't even hold a light to what I have experienced in my twenties. There were good times, bad times, worse times, and then good times again, and through it all (every up and every down) I somehow found myself. Today I'm sharing a list of twenty-eight things that I've learned over the last twenty-eight years - you know, because I'm so wise now ;)

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Twenty-eight things I've learned in twenty-eight years. . .

one // All the basic life lessons? Yea, we really did learn those in kindergarten.
two // Stop putting off "taking care of your body." Listen to what's it's telling you and make changes.
three // Never go to bed without washing off your makeup.
four // Being happy literally takes less effort than being sad. Just tell yourself "I'm alive, today is a good day."
five // The 90s really were the best of times.
six // Every day I say things that my mother would say. And every day I become more okay with it.
seven // Having a dance party, having a full-on concert in your house will drastically improve your mood.

eight // There will always be people who call me Julia and it will forever kill me.
nine // Never underestimate the power of good eyebrows. And learn how to do them yourself.
ten // I promise your three-day trip won't be ruined if you don't pack enough clothes for ten days.
eleven // Don't worry so much about the numbers. Worry about the relationships and be satisfied.
twelve // Wear what you want and screw the rest. 
thirteen // While we're on the topic, don't worry about size on the tag either.
fourteen // Save money. Start a retirement plan. Live like you're twenty, think like you're sixty. 

fifteen // See your doctor and dentist regularly.
sixteen // When you find a hairdresser who just gets you, hold on and don't let go.
seventeen // It's okay to sit on your couch every now and then eating strawberries and Nutella with a spoon and binge-watching Netflix.
eighteen // Don't sweat the small stuff. No, really, don't. In a couple of days, it won't even matter.
nineteen // The big dream wedding isn't all it's cracked up to be.
twenty // Know who "your people" are and tell them how much you love them.
twenty-one // When your dad teaches you how to check your oil, pay attention.

twenty-two // Being judgmental will never pay off.
twenty-three // Going to a counselor is okay and sometimes so very necessary. Never suffer in silence.
twenty-four // Never settle.
twenty-five // Red lipstick really can change the game completely.
twenty-six // Snow days can make or break your week sometimes. Like right now.
twenty-seven // Quality over quantity.
twenty-eight // Thirty really doesn't look so bad.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for listing 28 wonderful pieces of wisdom!

Lili said...


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Happy birthday lovely girl!! SO many good advice here, SO many of these ring a bell ;-) xxx

Ginger Sloan Billingsley said...

Happy Birthday again Gorgeous Lady. You are an awesome woman. I love that I know you. And you are wise beyond your years. Funny how all the Cr-- in your life makes you a better person sometimes...

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

twenty-five // Red lipstick really can change the game completely -- PREACH sister! I hope you had a fabulous birthday pretty lady!