December 18, 2014

My Style: Parka & Plaid

Remember when my vehicle got broken into a few weeks ago? Well, without rehashing the ugly details, here's a little story. My green parka and plaid Zara scarf were two of the items stolen. Mind you, these two pieces have been my cold-weather staples for the last two years. And after I had time to get my head on straight, I was bound and determined to find replacements. Behold, the fruits of my online shopping labor. Thank you, American Eagle (and Aerie) for coming through on both accounts! The moral of the story - nothing comes between a girl and her closet. Where there's a will, there's a way, dang it.

Outfit: Parka, AMERICAN EAGLE | Jeans, gifted KOHL'S | Scarf, AERIE (only $22!) | Heels, J. CREW
Earrings, gifted LISI LERCH | Sunglasses, gifted D&G via SUNGLASSES SHOP

1 comment

evukmir said...

Purchasing one of these scarves right now!! Im looking to add to my collection!

xoxo, Elena Michelle