October 21, 2014

Currently Crushing: The Ultimate Blanket Scarf Round-Up

Since the Zara blanket scarf craze of 2013, everyone wants to get their hands on this hot little accessory. And not just one, every color combination and pattern known to humankind. Well, I did some research for y'all and came up with a pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) round up of the best blanket scarves. Believe me when I say, these are worth the hype. So soft, so comfy, and so warm. I just received the one from Aerie in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to wrap up in it! The ones I've featured here are all under $40 - some are even under $30! Shop them all here:

Scarf 1 (green), NASTYGAL | Scarf 2 (red), ASOS | Scarf 3 (grey), ASOS | Scarf 4 (yellow), ASOS
Scarf 5 (tan/red), ZARA | Scarf 6 (navy), AERIE | Scarf 7 (white/red), ASOS | Scarf 8 (navy/green), AERIE
Scarf 9 (nude/purple), ASOS | Scarf 10 (nude/red), AERIE | Scarf 11 (white), ASOS | Scarf 12 (burgundy), ZARA
Scarf 13 (tan/red), NASTYGAL | Scarf 14 (black), ZARA | Scarf 15 (yellow), ZARA


Ashley J said...

I LOVE that you found some affordable blanket scarves!!! Those Zara price tags are killing me...thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Can you do a post about how you style it? They look so chic but its a challenge to have them look nice and not like you wore a blanket out of the house :)

Laura said...

Fab round up! I have two :)