August 31, 2014

Geek Chic: Fall Fashion on My 2-in-1

Happy Sunday, folks! I'm popping in today and getting this week's blogging line-up kicked off a little early with my second post in the Intel 2-in-1 Smart Squad campaign! As I mentioned in my first post introducing you to my new HP Pavilion 2in1 Tablet/PC, I was so late to the tablet game that it's kind of embarrassing. Now that I'm on the bandwagon, though, I absolutely love this little device. For my second post in this campaign, I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite sites to browse on my tablet - and with fashion week kicking off on Thursday, I thought it was the perfect topic!

While I love a "hard copy" of a magazine, sometimes I prefer the ease and flexibility of using my 2-in-1. For the most part, you get the same content with the convenience of being able to find it much more quickly (unlike the bookmarking I do in my magazines!). I strongly encourage you to pop into a store and try out one of these 2in1s - I think you'll love it! I can't wait to follow along with my favorite shows and street style snaps from fashion week!

Get more details about my 2-in-1 from my first post!

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Unknown said...

Love the adorable hairpin background on your tablet! Would you recommend this over an iPad? I like HP a lot (it's my laptop brand) however, I wonder if I'd miss all the iPad apps like Pinterest...

Anonymous said...

I love this tablet! I, too love hard copies of magazines - and I've been just a touch reluctant to switch over to use them on my tablet. I'm def going to have to try one out soon!