July 31, 2014

My Style: Zumba Apparel (Pt. 4)

Over the past few months, Zumba apparel has seriously hooked me up with some of the cutest workout gear. So cute, in fact, that I wear it anytime I'm running errands, taking Millie for a walk, or just want to be comfy around the house. It's seriously that good. Now, let me be honest for just a second. Do I workout in bright red lipstick? Um, no. Is my ponytail that big and bouncy in the gym? Um, no. I swear I'm not trying to pull a fast one on you! But I needed to get these shots over the weekend and a girls gotta do what she's gotta do! These tops are some of my favorites that I've received (especially the one above!) and the leggings definitely made me step out of my comfort zone. Scroll on for more photos and reviews of all the pieces! And when you're finished pop over to the Zumba apparel site and use code WORKIT20 for 20% off your first order!

Sorry for the "read more" today - there were so many photos!

This package from the Zumba team was full of pieces! I chose the ones I liked best to style but have included links to everything below.

I want to wear this top all. the. time. I wan't it in every color! It's such an easy everyday top that it doesn't even feel like workout gear. Honestly, this piece is probably only going to be worn out for errands, work days at my school and lazy days around the house. However, if you want to wear it for working out it's definitely light and breezy enough that you could. The way the print wraps around to the back of the top and the longer-in-the-back cut are great details. I love how perfectly it pairs with the Back Me Up Bra Top!

This is a great workout tank! It's very similar to the Bubble Racerback I featured in my last post without the tie around the bottom. The weight and breathability of the fabric is identical. And let's be honest, how cute does it look with those funky leggings?! This is another piece that's very flattering and I want in every color!

The Zumba team sent this top in the grey and a dark purple. On my body this top has a crop feel - I know it doesn't look that way in the photos. I love the off-the-shoulder, dolman-style sleeves. I was finding myself being a little self conscious in my super tight leggings paired with a top that didn't cover my booty. I love the top, though, and maybe next time I'll wear it with looser fitting pants or shorts.

Now, at first glance these were a little much for me but once I put them on, I loved them. They're comfortable, flattering, and give lots of support where you want it. They're surprisingly versatile with the Zumba pieces that I already have (can't wait to wear them with this tank) and could be worn with a simple oversized tee shirt to change up the look.

The idea of these pants is adorable. The reality of them on my body was not. They're just not made for a girl with hips or a butt. Now, you may look at them on me and say "they look so cute," but I didn't feel the way they looked on me did them justice. And honestly, I'm really kinda mad about it. The print is so pretty in person, the legs of the pants are really cute, and the waistband is so flattering - the pockets are just not good on my body. 

This simple baseball tee looked great with the Jersey Pants (aside from the pockets), but I felt the split sleeves accentuated the largest part of my arms. Another piece that I wanted so badly to look great on but it didn't. This top ran smaller than the other pieces (which have all run very true to size), so maybe if I had sized up it would've been more flattering. I love the gold logo detail on the front!

I wish I would've had time to snap a couple photos of these tees! We took so many photos that day that we ran out of daylight. These are the perfect classic tee, with a fun print on the back. I think either of these would be cute paired with this zip up hoodie and these leggings!

This series is sponsored by Zumba apparel. I have been gifted the products featured in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands and companies that support my blog!

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