June 30, 2014

3 Outfits: Summer Weddings

Wedding 1

Wedding 2

Wedding 3

Dress | Sandals | Bag | Earrings | Lipstick | Nail polish

The first couple of years after I graduated from college, nearly every summer weekend was occupied with a wedding. Either local or out-of-town, I was constantly on the go celebrating this bride and that groom tying the knot. This is the first summer I can remember in several years that I don't have tons of weddings to attend. What does that mean exactly? Most of my friends are married and have moved on to babies - that's what it means. Regardless, I can still dream up some wedding guest attire to inspire you. I love the options above because of their versatility - they're each perfect for a wedding but could be styled for lots of other events, as well. The solid colors allow you to get creative with jewelry, shoes, and make-up options. Which one is your style?


Carroll said...

Love these looks! The green one shoulder is absolutely fabulous!!

Sarah Gouin said...

All of the ensembles are beautiful!

Kristen said...

I felt the same way for a couple summers as well. This year is just one-- but it's all the way in Puerto Rico! I love the first look, and I'm digging the color of the last look.

Unknown said...

What pretty picks! That little green number has our name all over it. XO