May 5, 2014

Monthly Muse: May

Happy Monday and happy May, everyone! I took an unplanned blog and social media break at the end of last week to catch my breath, refocus, and recharge just a bit. This weekend was incredibly busy - work, baby shower and chaperoning prom on Saturday. It's really hard to believe that I'm getting ready to have this first year in a high school under my belt. If only I would've kept a record of the crazy things that have happened!

Above are few of the things that I'm really loving and looking forward to this month! I always welcome unapologetic brights and pastels this time of year - new Lilly and citrus-inspired prints included! Yesterday would've been the lovely Audrey Hepburn's 85th birthday, so course I had to include that in my round-up. I'll also be following along tonight with the coverage of the Met Gala - one of my favorite events of the year! One of my favorite photographers, Jamie Beck, is actually taking over the Met Museum's instagram. Wishing you a really wonderful week ahead!




Kristen said...

Happy Weekend Julie! Yay for spring and all the bright colors it brings!

Unknown said...

That image of the pool is my everything this month!! I love it. There is something art deco about the design... Just perfect.

-- Alex at