February 19, 2014

Currently Crushing: Chic to the Max

I absolutely can't get enough of this gorgeous look spotted on the street at New York fashion week. I would imagine that her feet had to be cold trudging through the snow and the cold in those lace heels. The sacrifices we make for style, right?

Image: Cosmo


Bri said...

That is perfection!

naghmeh said...

Lainy is actually one of my favourite bloggers ever! her style is always so inspiring, her blog is Haute Inhabit if you ever want to visit!
those shoes are gorgeous and yes her feet were probably frozen in them hehe!

Kiwi at Heart said...

Beautiful coat and hat! Don't think I would've worn those shoes in that snow storm though! She's definitely braver than I.

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous! A trench cape?! Who knew that existed. Lovely.

-- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

Unknown said...

I really love the lace pumps, the cape and the big hat! So chic!