January 10, 2014

This, That & Then Some

As you probably know from instagram, I had several snow days this week. Yesterday was the first day back and, honestly, it was tough and I was dragging. I promise I'm not whining, I love snow days and I love having a job that allows me to still enjoying them. But having a six day weekend (we were off on Friday too), didn't play out well when I had to actually set my alarm on Wednesday night. Regardless, I'm happy for the weekend to be here and to (fingers crossed!) be able to start fresh on Monday. I have a fun new house project to share with y'all next week and hopefully a couple of new outfit posts! Enjoy the weekend, sweeties!

Currently. . .

This 10 point list for dressing like those chic French girls.

Looking at:
Another gorgeous fashion week photo captured by my photography obsession, Vanessa Jackman.

Loving on:
Refinery 29's black tights round-up - aren't we all on an eternal search?

Obsessed with:
Inspired by:
Some seriously stylish outfit posts (Cathy, Emily, and Katie) - y'all are bringing it one-hundred percent this year!

Thinking about:
Purchasing something new from Furbish. Literally, I want every.single.thing.

Laughing at:
This disgusting, unfortunate, and completely hilarious list of vintage recipes.

Blogging best:
Liz's heartfelt post about what's truly important and the feelings all bloggers have at some point.

Instagramming like a pro:
I could scroll through Rhiannon's (Hey Gorgeous Events) feed over and over - even the pictures I've already seen!


Now, I'm not going to jump the gun on V-Day just yet, but I couldn't resist sharing this adorable pillow from GroopDealz. I never met a polka dot I didn't like!

Image: Purse Blog


Katie said...

You always find the most beautiful photos! I'm obsessed with this one! I also missed Liz's post so thanks for sharing - such a good one!! And thanks for including little ole me! :) Happy Friday!!


Carroll said...

Oh my gosh, those vintage recipes are hilarious!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! :)